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Donna-Pastry Chef/Owner
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About Vegas Cookies

Vegas Cookies has been family-owned and operated right here in Las Vegas Nevada since we opened in 2011.  Here at Vegas Cookies, we only use the highest quality of ingredients.  A saying that we once heard " Use poor quality ingredients produce poor quality product.  Use high quality ingredients, well,  produce high quality porduct."   This is a motto that Vegas Cookies lives by, with out it there is no success. What sets us apart is not only the use of high quality ingredients, but the fact that we will deliver to your door step, be it at home, your office, or even your children's school.  We are committed to delivering your precious cookies with the utmost care and attention.
Chef Donna has been in the baking industry for seven plus years.  During which time she spent working for Emeril Lagasse and MGM Resorts. She was looking for a challenge and something in life to make her happy.  So one day she decicded to start her own coookie shop. That is how 
Vegas Cookies strarted.
Committed to using only High Quality Ingredients!